Clearwater Coffee Co.

About Us

Clearwater Coffee Co. is the result of a nearly decade-long research project by founder Chris Reitz. The result is the opening of a café in Fort McMurray with great coffee as the core, complemented by fresh made, local food.

Chris has been enjoying great coffee for the past several years buying from and visiting quality domestic roasters from all over Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.  In May 2012 he spent a week in Portland, OR (USA) at ABC's Coffee School and obtained his 'Barista Intenso' while learning about professional Espresso Machines, preparing quality coffee and running a specialty cafe.

Clearwater Coffee Co.’s philosophy is to source coffees that have been responsibly grown, roasted with artisanal care and then professionally prepared to order.

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Our Coffee


Four M’s of Perfect Espresso

Grind Macinazione

Blend Mescela

Equipment Macchina

Barista Mano

Our Suppliers

Chris has been enjoying great coffee for the past several years buying from quality domestic roasters like Transcend, 49th Parallel, JJ Bean and visiting others from all over Western Canada.